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We care about you AND your pet!

Do you appreciate a doctor who takes time to get to know you and your pet?  Dr. Kristine Sands enjoys sitting down and getting to know your family and makes sure to address any concerns you may have, both during your visit and afterwards. Want to know what to expect during your visit with us?  After a friendly greeting at the door and filling out any necessary paperwork, Dr. Sands will sit down with you to see what your concerns are for your pet's visit.  She will then invite you into the exam room to be a part of your pet's thorough physical exam, explaining each step along the way.  She will then discuss her findings and recommendations to help with your pet's issues, and will offer you a complete estimate of the cost of those procedures.  Once we all agree on the plan for your pet Dr. Sands and the staff will implement the plan, go over medications and the treatments you will need to do at home, and make sure we have answered all of your questions.  We are also available to anwer any concerns you may have after your visit.  Feel free to call us anytime.  We want to help you help your pet live the best life possible!